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How long have students been giving back to the university?

Students have been giving back to the UW since Memorial Union was built in 1928 with funds donated by students. It’s a tradition that has helped to make the university one of the finest on earth.

Who pays for the UW?

Tuition, state dollars and private gifts each provide 17% of the UW budget. As state funding is cut and tuition stays frozen, private gifts become even more critical.

How does giving to the student campaign benefit me?

Graduating from one of the planet’s finest universities allows you to enter the workforce with an outstanding education and a degree that’s respected the world over. The value of that degree is tied directly to the continued excellence of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Giving from students and alumni helps to maintain that excellence.

I’m graduating soon. Why should I continue to be concerned about the UW?

As a graduate, you’re forever tied to the UW. And that’s a very good thing. The university has continued to be ranked among the nation’s best, with many programs ranking as some of the top in the world. Your giving improves the university, which leads to higher rankings, which strengthens how your degree is viewed and valued in the world.

Here’s a question to ask yourself: Do I believe in a bright future — for me and the UW?

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